Dr. Mom

So… I’ve been helping my wife work on her doctoral project lately.

It feels pretty cheap to lump myself into the effort considering the mammoth invest of time that she has made these past few months. My occasional editorial pass over one of documents isn’t even on the radar when compared to her commitment. She has been waking up at 2am to work when the house is quiet and the kids and I are asleep. She’s had to pull an occasional all-nighter here and there.

It’s tough on her.

I can’t wait for it to be over.

While I’m not a fan of the difficulty of the process, I am damn proud of what she has accomplished. The woman knows certainly what the heck she’s talking about. The main proposal document is just over 22k words. That’s like… an awful lot of science. It’s well written, too.

Her work has me reconsidering the intimidation-factor of drafting a novel. I have to imagine that we are all denied the creations of some very talented storytellers. I mean the ones who get chased off by the daunting size of the commitment. That hurdle doesn’t have to be prohibitive, though.

Fiction writers. Take heart!

We may have to lay down 100k words or more, but none of them have to be true. We can fact check and world build to our hearts’ content. Ultimately, however, it’s completely up to us how we want to craft our stories. We don’t have to quote every reference. We don’t have to conform to tedious forms and conventions. We don’t have to pay for the opportunity.

Tonight my wife puts the final tweaks on her draft proposal. Then she’ll send it off to be ravaged by a bunch of PHDs. I’ll bet all the money in my pockets that after she hits ‘send’, she’ll calmly close her laptop, pack lunches for the kids and take the dogs out for a walk in the rain.

Just another day being Zuzi.

… I definitely married up.

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