Hobbit Day Preview of Arctic Fire

September 22nd.

Hobbit day.

The fictional birthday shared by Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, the unlikely protagonists of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic and genre-defining tales. In celebration, enthusiasts from around the world will enjoy celebratory Second Breakfasts and Elevensies. Favorite passages from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings will be read. Fans will hunker down for marathon movie sessions with Peter Jackson’s fantastic film-translations of these definitive tales.

The Internet has opened up new opportunities for enthusiasts around the world to celebrate Tolkien and his most fine and admirable hobbits. The Middle Earth Network is leading the charge for that celebration.

This past June, several friends of mine hosted the first Arctic Fire Hammer-in Invitational. I was lucky enough to be involved in producing the webcast of the event. Look close and you’ll see me creep into the frame, camera in hand. Information on Arctic Fire is available in earlier blog posts and on the Arctic Fire website. In a nutshell, a half-dozen of the best living swordsmiths from around the world assembled in Anchorage, Alaska to swap stories and to share knowledge of the working of steel and bone and wood and imagination.

The folks over at Middle Earth Network asked my buddies to put together a one-hour preview of the full Arctic Fire 2012 event. Digital download and DVDs of the full six-hour event won’t be available until later in November. This one-hour sneak peek is a pure treat and one hell of a teaser full event. The schedule for Middle Earth Network’s Hobbit Day Celebration is available online and we are scheduled to go on at 9:45pm EST.

The smiths at Arctic Fire are masters of their craft. They are artists, bringing the mythopoetic vision of the sword into the modern world in the form of hard, tempered steel. Find them. Commission them to bring a piece of your family history or a favorite myth to reality. Consult them for your movie production.

Find these guys online at the Bladesmith’s Forum, Arctic Fire and several are even on Twitter ( @DaveStephens11 @Van_Clifton @JakePowning @Cedarlore ).

And tune it tonight at 9:45pm EST for the Arctic Fire Hobbit Day Preview!

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