Terrifying Words

What are the five most terrifying words in the English language?

“Move and I will shoot!” seems fairly intimidating.

“It’s not you, it’s me,” generally ends up sucking pretty hard.

While those are pretty bad, I think that, “Will you read my novel?” has to rank right up there at the top.

Reading a novel-length book takes a serious investment of time. I mean, if you ask a buddy to help you move to a new house, they might be dedicating the better part of a day to helping you out. If you’re asking them to commit to reading an alpha or beta-draft of a novel, you’re talking about multiple evenings and weekends.

Then you’re gonna interrogate them for their opinions.

It’s pretty safe to assume that if you help a buddy move, you’ll at least get some beer and a couple slices of pizza out of it.

“Read my novel?”


Not so much.

To every one who’s taken a swing at reading and critiquing my stuff, thank you. Seriously. It makes a world of difference.

… and I probably owe you beer and pizza.

2 thoughts on “Terrifying Words

    • I think practice has helped me get comfortable with the ask. Also, having people demur, or saying yes but not actually reading, has let me temper my expectations.

      I don’t make the request lightly, though. It’s asking a lot.

      Nice to e-meet you, Ellen and best of luck with your partial! =)

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