Well-Worn Pages: LEGION by Brandon Sanderson

A couple years ago, I stumbled on to the Writing Excuses podcast. The cast of host characters and their focused, topical style immediately hooked me. Since finding the podcast, I’ve read the works of several of the host authors, including an alpha-read of Mary Robinette Kowal’s Valour and Vanity. However, I had never read anything by Brandon Sanderson.

At several points, I’ve thought it would be interesting to create a poll asking: If you could spend an afternoon talking shop with any author who’s work you’ve never read, who would that author be?

For the past couple years, my answer would have been Sanderson. Again, I had never read a lick of his writing. I just love what the podcast gives to the writing community and I’d like to draft some Magic cards with the guy. Sounds like an ideal afternoon to me!

Well, I can no longer claim to have never read any Sanderson.

I just finished his new novella, Legion. I’d guess the book is approximately 20k words and it is chock-full of awesome.

Sanderson is mostly known for high thud-factor epic fantasies, and I wasn’t sure what to expect from a shorter piece of his fiction. What I got was a small and rich cast of characters working to solve a straightforward problem. However, the story is driven by unexpected turns and carried by the most average – yet over-powered – protagonist ever. You’ll, uh… have to read it to know what I mean by that.

I doubt that I’ll make a habit of reviewing or recommending books. If you want to know what I like and don’t like, track me down on Goodreads.com. Legion, however, is a fast, fun, non-committal read and I highly recommend that you give it a look.

Also, if you have an author that you’ve never read but would love to meet and hang out with, let me know who and why in the comments.

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