Half a NaNo in the Books

NaNoWriMo seriously cuts into the ol’ blog time.

… just sayin’.

So. Here we are, half a month in and I, like most people, am not where I would like to be. Not in terms of progress on a new book, at any rate. A couple things have happened that significantly changed my plans. I’ll still get the 50k. It just won’t be the 50k that I was originally planning on.

I’m adamant about writing my next book from a fully formed outline. I used to think that I was a 100%, straight-up discovery writer. I was wrong. I am not. As it turns out, I actually do work from an outline. Sadly, I have been trying to do it all inside of my head. That folks, is not a recipe for efficient writing.

Therefore, I had resolved myself to write not one whit of a new story until I had committed the outline to writing. And, well… I did that. I had a new story all lined up, and then I realized that the outlined book was not the one that I should be writing. There’s a tale to tell in that, but it will have to wait for another post.

So anyways, there I was. It was late October and I was at the top of the ladder when suddenly, I hit a chute and slid right back down to the bottom. Momentum gone.

Not to worry, though. I have several other ideas that I want to write. Well-formed ideas, I mean. Stuff I have thought about a lot and that I fully intend to write someday. All that I needed to do was chose one of those ideas and start rockin’ the keyboard.

But I didn’t have any of those ideas outlined.

Long story short, I stuck to my guns. Doing so has set me back several days, that’s for sure. No excuses, though! It is going to be an uphill climb, but I fully intent to finish in time. I need to prove to myself that I’m on to something with this whole outlining thing.

2 thoughts on “Half a NaNo in the Books

  1. Reblogged this on Tammy J Rizzo and commented:
    An outline can be built upon to make almost the entire first draft of your novel. I’ve heard of something called the ‘Snowflake Method’ of outlining; if I can find it again, I’ll post about it. Basically, working up a Snowflake outline, you’ll expand on the basics, a bit at a time, until you wind up with what is basically a first draft of the whole story. It was a fascinating article. I’ll definitely look it up again for y’all.

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