Sunday Sketch: Back to Basics

A couple weeks ago, my friend Jake Powning inspired me with this tweet.

I have a graphic novel that I’d like to illustrate. I absolutely love the story, but I’ve kept it back-burnered due to a general sense of disappointment with my illustration skills.

… or the lack thereof.

Illustration is like speaking a language or playing an instrument. If you don’t use it, you lose it. I’ve most definitely lost it. If I’m going to pull this graphic novel off, I need to get my drawing chops back into shape.

And so, we have a new segment on the blog. Welcome to Sunday Sketches. I’ll be posting weekly updates on my development.

My natural inclination is to dive in and start drawing panels for the script. But I want this to go well and so I’m exercising a bit of restraint. My wife and I ended up at the bookstore on date-night this past Thursday. I picked up Character Mentor by Tom Bancroft and Magna Studio for Dummies by Doug Hills. I’m going back to the basics, working through some assignments, and we’ll see how things go.

Here is a page from yesterday when I was working on dynamic poses. Feel free to heckle/critique/etc in the comments.


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