Arctic Fire 2013 – Artifacts from the Present

Arctic Fire 2013 is nearly upon us. For those of you unfamiliar with the Arctic Fire invitational, check out my post on last year’s gathering and the Arctic Fire website for more information.

Before I go any further, you should really take a moment to check out this year’s video trailer by Arctic Fire producer, Van Clifton.

For those of you who do remember last year’s hammer-in invitational, many of the world’s best bladesmiths are returning for another go at the forges and anvils of the frozen north. Familiar faces for 2013 include; Peter Johnsson, J. Arthur Loose, Michael Pikula, Jake Powning, and host Dave Stephens.

Joining the Arctic Fire ranks this year are Owen Bush from London and Czech smith, Petr Florianek.

I can’t wait to see friends from last year, and I’m completely stoked to meet Owen and Petr. Owen is pretty much the guru of modern day bloomery (smelting iron). Plus, I’ll be meeting Petr after a month spent with family in Slovakia. That should provide an interesting context in which to meet the master smith and carver. I’ll have to get my inlaws to help me out with some new Czech phrases.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to crew for this year’s live webcasts. If you watched the 2012 event or purchased the DVDs, then you saw my camera work. I was the annoying guy shoving an HD camera into everyone’s faces to get the close-up and detail shots. This year’s four-day webcast is awkwardly timed for my work and travel schedule. Thankfully, I’ll be able to hang out in the evenings, but I can’t commit to running a camera for the entire event.

Even still, I’m really looking forward to the event and if you have any interest whatsoever in swords, carving, smelting, and pattern-welded steel, then you have to tune in. The schedule is available online and feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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