Sunday Sketch: Birth of the Droblar

This week’s Sunday Sketch is a rough thumbnail of the first page of a graphic novel that I want to make. The story is a bedtime tale that I’ve been telling to my 6 year old.

I know the entire story, but we’ve been taking our time with the telling and with the listening. My boy likes as much detail as possible. Also, the story is more fun for me to tell if I let him interrupt with questions about the characters, to go back to a favorite part, or to back up for more detail.

I know everything that will happen and have notes and scripts for everything but the fine details. However, and quite obviously, I need to get my illustrating up to snuff before I can start it.

You might see these little guys in a lot of Sunday Sketches for the next several months. =)


There is no dialogue on this first page. Each of the three panes has a piece of narrative. They are:

There are many things, both clever and malicious, that live in the deep places under the world. Among the most clever are the Droblar.

It is a good thing for Tabatha Thatcher that it is a group of Droblar passing beneath the forest at night and not some vile or uncaring monster from the underground. It is also a good thing that this particular group of Droblar is passing.

For, in addition to having very sharp hearing, there isn’t a Drobo alive more curious than Bing.

Anyway… there’s the Sunday Sketch for this week. Let me know what you think with critiques and suggestions in the comments.

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