Rainy Day Angry Birds

Today was a rainy Saturday.

It put me in mind of another rainy Saturday from a couple weeks ago. Alaska has enjoyed a record-breaking, beautiful summer, so it’s difficult to make weather complaints with a straight face. However, a couple of weekends have given us an excuse to stay inside to take care of  home chores.

Or, perhaps in our case, something other than home chores…



Zuzi was out of town for something. Taking care of her World Cup athletes or shooting ducks or something. My plan was to take the kids out for a hike. The weather was not cooperating, though. And so we found ourselves at Toy-R-Us and then at Lowes in preparation for our “alternate weekend plan”.

construction1My kids both have iPhones. They’re old ones – specifically, they’re mine and my wife’s old iPhone4s – and they only get them on long drives and plane flights. Still, they love their phones. And Angry Birds is one of my son’s absolute favorites.

We like to get the kids outside as much as we can. Half of our yard is buried in garden and berry patches. I figured that the kids would glom on to an opportunity to combine one of their favorite sessile pastimes with our summer-lives out in the garden.construction2

To that end, I give you… the Rogers’ Family Live Action Angry Birds Game.

Easy to make with a small assortment of tools and anything that keeps kids moving and outside is a good deal in my book.


builded1 launch1 construction3 launch2

Enjoy your weekends… =)

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