Drive Write: Empower Your Verbs

Drive Write podcast

Drive Write: Episode 14 – Free your… No. Empower… Hmmm… Unleash your verbs!

We’re talking about verbs on Drive Write this week. Action! Verbs are all about the ‘doing’ of a thing. They are motion. They are intent. They are what spurs a story relentlessly forward over forty-miles of rough prose.

I don’t know about you, but I frequently don’t take time to ensure that I’ve picked chosen selected the best possible verb for any given action in my stories.

This week’s podcast is a short one, but I like the writing/editing tip enough to make it a cast all its own. I’d encourage you to carefully consider each and every word you write. That’s probably good advice in general and for any type of writing. But in this case, pick one of your stories and try focusing on getting the most bang for your buck out of each verb.  You might be surprised (and pleasantly so) by the amount bloat and vagary that can be pruned away.

Until next week, uh… cheers ‘n’ stuff.

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