April 2015 Writing Income

A few years ago, I stumbled onto an amazing blog post from Jim C. Hines. In it, Jim wrote very candidly about his writing and how much revenue it earned him. It’s incredibly difficult to find quantitative information on what a writer can legitimately expect to earn. That blog post was my first exposure to Jim. Although I’ve yet to meet him, I truly appreciate Jim’s willingness to write so openly about the mathematical realities facing professional writers.

While I’ve been voyeuristically following Jim’s earnings posts for years, I’ve yet to publish my own (modest) writing income. I’ve thought about it from time to time, but demurred. I suppose it’s easy to feel insignificant when compared to mainstream and high profile authors who set media and Twitter ablaze with big dollar deals. Regardless, I think it’s likely that my writing experience is a more probable representation of many writers’ experience.

To that end, I’m going to start publishing my writing income. I don’t know if it’ll be inspiring, discoursing or even useful for writers. Still, I do know that I have very much appreciated what Jim has done with his annual posts. I hope that mine provide some value, as well.

April 2015
I didn’t write any fiction in April. I got word back from an editor that I would be receiving copy edits for a four-episode serial I sold last year, and geared up to be very busy in May. My paid writing in April was all non-fiction.

In months where I have a legitimate breakdown of categorically different writing, I’ll include a pie chart similar to the one Jim builds for his annual posts.

Revenue:        $596

Expenses:       $18

Net:                 $578

About my writing
For the record, I’m married with two young children and am very active with the family. My wife travels (often for extended periods of time), so I single parent when she’s away. I have a full-time job and we own a small business. My wife and I coach mountain biking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter.

Writing for me is predominately constrained to evenings, with an occasional weekend-daytime sprint. Fiction is my passion, but I sell more non-fiction words.

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