Writing Income – August 2015

My Writing Income posts are inspired by Jim C. Hines
and his willingness to help authors understand the personal finance side of writing.

August was a travel month. My wife is from Slovakia, and we hopped over the pole with the kids to visit her father and family friends.

Given the breakneck (back breaking?) pace that I kept during June and July, the slow month was hugely welcome. If I had to characterize my writing pace for August, I’d describe it as “treading water.”

I most certainly wasn’t phoning it in with regards to performance. Quite the contrary, it felt like I produced a better work product than I did in July. Still, the pace was modest. Even though I was writing, August felt like a vacation.

… and that’s a good thing.

Quick note about fiction
I had a nice development on the fiction front in August. It’s nothing that I’m willing to share specifics on yet, but I had some interest in a short story that I wrote back in June.

More on that if/when I have a contract in hand.

On to the numbers!

August 2015
I wrote non-fiction and edited a short story in August. Although I got some cool story ideas from Slovakia, it was a bad month for new fiction.

Non-fiction revenue: $1,430

Expenses:                     $37

Net:                                $1,393

About my writing
For the record, I’m married with two young children and am very active with the family. My wife travels (often for extended periods of time), so I single parent when she’s away. I have a full-time job and we own a small business. My wife and I coach mountain biking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter.

Writing for me is predominately constrained to evenings, with an occasional weekend-daytime sprint. Fiction is my passion, but I sell more non-fiction words.

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