How much money does a writer make? – October 2015

My writing income posts are inspired by Jim C. Hines
and his willingness to help authors understand the personal finance side of writing.

Oooooh yeah, buddy. October was a busy month!

I’m getting closer to stepping away from my advocacy work to write full-time. I’m still not entirely settled on a date, but that should become more clear this month.

New fiction!
But before I go into that, I have some great news to share. I teased last month that I had some good news coming on the fiction front. Well, I’m happy, proud and all kinds of excited to share that my first story for the Baen Books publication Grantville Gazette is published!

The Doom of Sallee went live on the first of November, so it won’t factor into the math for this post. But who cares about the numbers? It’s live. Hooray!

May you life in exciting times…
Okay, so meanwhile, back here on Earth, life karooms forward at a breakneck pace.

In addition to contract writing and prepping the day job for my imminent departure – October was filled with work travel, my wife’s work with the U.S. Ski Team and prep work for November and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo).

I’ve been writing for the personal productivity software producer, RescueTime, for a while now. In addition to helping people work an increasingly productive and quantified life, RescueTime is a returning sponsor for the 2015 NaNoWriMo program.

I’ve been working with RescueTime to help WriMos prepare for the exhilarating marathon of wordery required to hit the 50,000-word mark in the 30 days of November. If you’re tackling NaNoWriMo this year, you have all my best wishes. I truly hope you crush your goal and create a wonderful work of art, both for yourself and for readers.

October 2015
My paid work for October was all non-fiction. However, I did get some interest in another short story. I’m working on revisions now with hopes of selling it in November.

Fingers cross on that front, but for now… here are the October numbers.

Non-fiction revenue:        $2,116.50

Expenses:                             $37.10

Net:                                         $2,079.40

 About my writing
For the record, I’m married with two young children and am very active with the family. My wife travels (often for extended periods of time), so I single parent when she’s away. I have a full-time job and we own a small business. My wife and I coach mountain biking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter.

Writing for me is predominately constrained to evenings, with an occasional weekend-daytime sprint. Fiction is my passion, but I sell more non-fiction words.

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