Movember ‘Stache

November was a big month for charities and donations. Thank you, Zuzi, for letting obsess over all my various causes.

Supporting injured Alaskan athletes, hurricane relief and resource-economy training programs for Alaskan youth are all very cool. However, growing a soup strainer to support men’s health is by far my silliest charity of the year.

If you’re not familiar with Movember, please go and look now. Otherwise, I’ll seem even more ridiculous than I already feel. To summarize, men around the world grow a mustache during the month of November and help raise funds for men’s health issues.

The Trucker

Prostrates around the world, rejoice!

In addition to aiding some great charities, I really appreciated the extra ten minutes of sleep every other morning. If not for the absurdity of the snot mop, I could really get used to the whole ‘not-shaving’ thing. Unfortunately, I’m one of those comic book-style, blue chin by 4pm guys. So, since I’m not into the whole ZZ Top-look, I’m back to my ol’ shaving in the morning gig.

The Undercover Brother

Zuzi wouldn’t let me get rid of the mouth brow without having a little fun with it. So, in leui of a post on anything useful or insightful…

The After Eight

Enjoy some pictures of me ditching the lip rug.

Ah… back to normal